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What if your dream home could be beautiful, reduce your impact on the environment, and save you money? Preferred Builders can make that happen. We are proud to be a Wisconsin ENERGY STAR® builder, ready to help you design a home that is safer, more energy-efficient, and that will retain long-term value better than a traditional home.


With great attention paid to every detail, Wisconsin ENERGY STAR® Homes are, on average, 25% more efficient than other homes on the market. Building a Wisconsin ENERGY STAR® certified home allows you peace of mind, knowing that your home meets strict guidelines for construction and energy-efficiency.


  • Properly installed insulation ensures temperatures throughout your home remain consistent. This reduces fuel costs and consumption, while keeping your home comfortable during all seasons.

  • High-performance windows improve insulation and block damaging UV sunlight. You’ll save on heating and cooling costs while protecting your furnishings from fading.

  • Efficient heating and cooling equipment uses less energy to operate, is quieter, and improves the overall comfort of your home. Energy-efficient equipment is often more durable and requires less maintenance, saving you money. For increased savings, you can also install high-efficiency appliances and lighting options.

  • Tight construction and properly sealed ducts help reduce draft, moisture, dust, pollen and noise – making your home more comfortable, improving air quality, and reducing utility bills.

Getting started with your Wisconsin ENERGY STAR® Home is simple. When you meet with your Preferred Builders representative, you will choose the layout, design, and amenities for your dream home. We’ll take it from there! Your home design is reviewed with an independent consultant who specializes in verifying that your home meets required standards.


Contact us today to improve your quality of life, reduce your cost of living, and help preserve Wisconsin’s environment.

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